Tuesday, 12 May 2009

It's only going to get shinier!

Seven months and two TAFE courses later, I've finally started to make aluminum versions of the factory plastic side covers.

The first night class that I enroled in was on welding steel (oxy, arc and MIG), and the second was on panel fabrication (panel beating). I got to use an english wheel and a vast array of hammers and dollies - then I taught myself to arc weld aluminium.... a proud moment indeed!

Since this image was taken, one of the covers has been polished - I'll post a picture as soon as I remember to take a camera to the workshop.


Anonymous said...

looks great nick. look forward to seeing it finished. you'll have to start your own company designing and building custom parts i think.

long haul trucker said...

custom side covers so much better then just buying some. they look like the real deal, you know made with production tooling. to me know that you made them is the best part of the bike. can't wait to see the finish thing together.

have you been getting it out on the road much yet.