Sunday, 5 October 2008

Major Stage Completed.... back on the road!

This picture was taken a week ago when I was about to take the bike out for a test ride. I consider this to be the first major phase complete, and probably how I'll ride the bike for the next couple of months. The next thing I want to do is make my own set of body side covers to replace the red ones and to be more in keeping with the rest of the bike.

Some time down the track I'll remove the side covers completely but this won't happen until I'm ready to remove the airbox and fit a new exhaust... and I'm yet to find some yellow/orange vinyl to do the final stripe on the tank.


long haul trucker said...

You must be please to have it back on the road on for summer, looks great. I agree with the side covers.


Chris said...

Nice Nick....looks good

Chris Burgess