Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Decisions, decisions, decisions....

I've mocked up the bike and wheeled it out into the sun to take a look at the side cover in position, but more importantly to look at the orange dynoc on the tank.... I like it! But it also looks good without a stripe... does anybody want to comment?


long haul trucker said...

I like the yellow, but i keep thinking that it would look sweet with the yellow section sand blasted in comparison to the polished section to offer a subtle texture break as there isn't any other colour on the bike except for the grips. but if it's between paint and no paint I'd differently do it, there are plenty of other cafe racers out there most with polished tanks so it would help to separate yours even at just a glance.

Adam said...

I'm all for the yellow stripe. Does it remain slightly transparent? Would be cool to see some brushed finish underneath.

The side covers are super tough. How far from completion are they?

Look'n good!