Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Call to Auction...

Though someone once posted a comment that I should be building and not drawing I've been busy drawing and painting again!

These are for an art auction organised by work to raise money for juvenile diabetes research.

Scooter Girl - Oil on Stretched Canvas, 355mm x 455mm

'Ace' - Oil on Canvas Panel, 305mm x 406mmIndy Cafe Racer - Marker and Ink on Watercolour Paper, 420mm x 297mm

I have been working on the bike too - I'm about to tackle wiring in the dials and indicator lights.

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long haul trucker said...

I Had a Uni Lecturer that once stated "I don't know why western society condones Art" hmm I think he was in that little café call three moneys at the time.

But seriously they look great, and I don’t care what any one says there’s nothing wrong with being obsessed.