Tuesday, 29 January 2008

The Grand Plan

These are the modifications that are going to be made to the stock Yamaha SR400:
  1. Remove stock handlebars from on top of yoke and replace with clip-ons mounted to forks, retaining the levers but replacing the mirrors.
  2. Replace hand grips (current bike has been retro fitted with heated grips).
  3. Replace headlight, speedo and tacho with a 'vintage' headlight that has a recessed speedo. All gauge/indicator lighting is also replaced. This requires new headlight brackets.
  4. Replace front mud guard with a shorter stainless version.
  5. Replace turn indicators with smaller machined aluminium units.
  6. Replace all cables and wiring with shorter versions
  7. Replace exhaust with a stainless race type exhaust
  8. Remove side covers, airbox and existing air filter and replace with a smaller K&N filter
  9. Re-jet the carburetor
  10. Introduce a metal battery mounting bracket
  11. Replace rear mud guard and brake light with shorter stainless steel unit
  12. Replace seat with 'ducktail' single
  13. Replace petrol tank with a raw aluminium tank
  14. Remove existing foot pegs (including pillion), brake lever and gear lever and replace with rear set units (moving feet up and back about 200mm).

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