Tuesday, 29 January 2008

SR400 Custom - BSA Style

After contemplating the design for a year, the final goal is a raw metallic cafe racer. All I needed was a silver framed SR to start the project...

This drawing (above) most accurately represents what I'm trying to do. I've updated my earlier drawing to include all the parts purchased for the project.

... and these are some of the earlier design variations that have explored more 'hot rod' themes.


Strangely said...

Mate, I love the high pipe on the black SR, coming out of the sidecover!

I've got a 400, aftermarket seat, lights, blinkers, muffler blah blah blah. You should pop into our forum - just type SR500 forum into the search engine, join up and post away!

Great designs too. I'm working towards a kinda brushed stainless look with mine, once I sort the suspension and brakes out.

Great work!

Markus said...

very very beautiful!

I will get my SR400 next week and was looking for inspiration...
I found it!