Wednesday, 30 January 2008

The build - snapshots

These are some shapshots taken over the last few weeks - they give context to the build:

(Top left) the new winker and the big factory fitted unit. All new parts are machined aluminium, polished stainless or chrome.
(Top right) the wiring harness and connectors within the headlight - the new headlight doesn't have room for much of this... its my first big hurdle!
(Bottom left) the reorganised garage dedicated to all things two wheeled.
(Bottom right) boxes and boxes of parts.


Robert said...

All very exciting!!

Looks like I left it too late to have a ride on the standard bike!?!

Interesting links - some nice pics on the kedo site.

Will follow progress with interest.

blick said...

top -right photo.
I am at the daunting task at the moment of wondering what to do with all these cables for the new headlight.
Do I just cut them and tape them?