Saturday, 3 September 2016

Time to Go....

It's time to sell the very project which prompted the launch of this very blog (though I have proven to be one of the world's most infrequent bloggers).

For those who are interested these are the parts that have been changed on the bike;

Tank BSA style aluminium (Daytona, Japan)
Seat (Nitro Heads, Japan)
Rear Sets (WM, Japan)
Exhaust TT Style (Custom Made, Australia)
Rear Mudguard Stainless Steel (Daytona, Japan)
Front Mudguard Aluminium (WM, Japan)
Blinkers Machined Aluminium with Square back  (Daytona, Japan)
Front Blinker Bracket (Daytona, Japan)
Clip-on Handle Bars (Posh, Japan)
Handle Bar Stopper (Daytona, Japan)
Headlight Bracket (Daytona, Japan)
Mirrors Round TT Style (Official, Japan)
Grips (Daytona, Japan)
Tachometer (Daytona, Japan)
Speedometer (Daytona, Japan)
Short Throttle Cable (Posh-Faith, Japan)
Short Clutch Cable (Posh-Faith, Japan)
Short Decompression Cable (Daytona, Japan)
Top Bridge Post Cap (Daytona, Japan)
Top Bridge Decompression Kit (Daytona, Japan)
Oil Dipstick with Temperature Gauge (Daytona, Japan)
Anti Vibration Gauge Stay (Daytona, Japan)
Duel Mounting Gauge Stay Kit (Daytona, Japan)
Vent Filter 3/4 Clamp-on  (K&H, USA)
Air Filter (K&H, USA)
Battery Plate (Posh-Faith, Japan)
Carburetor Support Bracket
Exhaust Plate
Tachometer plug (Daytona, Japan)

and, again a reminder of what I started with;