Sunday, 26 September 2010

Don't judge me by my welding

I've spent the weekend using some metal that's been leaning against the workshop wall to make a bike carrier for the Caddy. The big hoop of metal was already welded that way but I fabricated the two posts with the quick release axles. The whole thing hooks into the tie-downs at the back of the bed, anyway, the test will be if the bikes stay upright!


Xavier Wessinger said...

It looks impressive. Good thing you knew a bit about welding. You won't have to call a welder every time you need some minor repairs. Did you buy your own welding machine? Those things are quite pricey.

Jeanette West said...

I agree with Xavier that your work looks impressive! It really pays to know even the basics of welding. I’d love to learn how to “weld” too. Do you think I can make it?